AdvancedSense PRO Meter (REFURBISHED) for DirectSense I or DirectSense II Probes


AdvancedSense Professional Edition. Ruggedized, Handheld Display/Data-Logging Meter.

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AdvancedSense Professional Edition. Ruggedized, Handheld Display/Data-Logging Meter. Supplied with high resolution color touch screen display, 32GB non-volatile memory (for data-logging, note retention, on-board video help files and included WolfSense AS application program), built-in camera, LED inspection light, microphone, speaker, dual 8 pin rugged push-pull sockets (for DirectSense® probes), 7 pin female push-pull socket (for particulate or small TRH sensors), dual K thermocouple temperature sockets, 7 pin male push-pull socket for download to external thumb drive or other storage device via optional AD-L7F1M-USB cable. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card standard (optionally available without wireless and/or without camera/microphone).

Includes USB to PC download cable and 100/240V AC charger cable (with US, EU, UK, AU plugs), WolfSense PC data download software supplied on USB key.
Does not include probes/sensors.

Refurbished products carry a full one-year MANUFACTURER’S (GrayWolf) warranty.


Available options for AdvancedSense PRO

AD-L7F1M-USBF [NEW] 1m cable for download to thumb drives or other storage devices via the AdvancedSense 7 pin top left rugged push-pull socket. $120

DP-702LH-A [REBURBISHED] Differential Pressure Sensor: Auto-zeroing & auto-ranging dual integrated sensors (250Pa & 10KPa) enable exceptional low-end sensitivity/accuracy of +/-1% of rdg +/-0.1Pa up to 250Pa, +/- 1%rdg +/-4Pa >250 (+/-1% of rdg +/-0.001 inH2O to 1.000 inH2O, +/-1%rdg +/-0.015 inH2O >1.000), yet a very wide measurement range of +/-10,000.0 Pa (+/- 40.000 inH2O). Installed in AdvancedSense. Comes with 2m (7ft) dual tubing. $225

Dimensions and Weight
6.9in. (175mm) length x 3.94in. (100mm) width x 1.78in (45mm) height
18.35 oz. (520 grams)

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