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Utilizing your DSII probe’s OEM output, calibrated readings are available directly from your DSII probe without the need for GrayWolf Software (WolfSense LAP, WolfSense Mobile or WolfSense AS software). Readings can be integrated directly into your custom applications.

DSII probes currently support the following:


  • WI-FI Connection: JSON-formatted data packets delivered to any URL or IP Address on a public or private Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi networks supported include 802.11 b/g (2.4GHz) with OPEN, WEP, WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise security. JSON Data is POSTED to a custom URL or IP address.
  • CABLED Connection: JSON-formatted data packets can be delivered via cabled USB Serial.
  • BLUETOOTH Connection: JSON-formatted data packets can be delivered over Bluetooth Classic SPP “Serial Port Profile”
  • API ACCESS: For DSII probes connected to GrayWolfLive, live readings and stored readings can be accessed and utilized through the GrayWolfLive API which is a RESTful API supporting HTTP/HTTPS GET operations.

Custom housed DSII Probes, Raw Sensor Boards and access to BLE Characteristics are available for volume sales. 

Contact GrayWolf’s Sales Team for more information. 


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