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GrayWolf offers a wide range of accessories that can enhance the capability of your AdvancedSense, DirectSense, or WolfPack IAQ (indoor air quality) monitor, TOX (toxic gas) monitor, AIR (air velocity) meter, TVOC (total volatile organic compound) monitor, HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) meter, DP (differential pressure), fumehood face velocity, formaldehyde and particulate instrument kits. Optimize the potency of your cutting-edge GrayWolf test instrumentation with the accessories for your specific test and measurement needs.

Instrument Accessories

ACC-TPD1 Large, rugged tripod for multiple DirectSense probes, AdvancedSense meter, PC-3016, PC-3500 or PM-205 particulate meter and/or FM-801 formaldehyde meter. 19.25″ (49cm) min, 47″(120cm) max. Pictured at upper right with optional mounting hardware, pictured below that with a couple of the many possible instrument configurations.

ACC-MNT1 Mounting assembly for AdvancedSense, MN-07, MN-08 or MN-10 tablets, attaches meter or tablet to ACC-TPD1 Tripod.

ACC-MNT2P Mounting arm for dual DirectSense probes (or single probe plus AdvancedSense or PM-205 or PC-3016A or PC-3500 or FM-801) mounted on ACC-TPD1 tripod.

ACC-MNT3 Mount with belt clip bracket for PM-205, PC-3016A or PC-3500 particulate meter or FM-801 formaldehyde meter, attaches to ACC-TPD1 Probe Tripod.

ACC-TPDL-KIT Tripod Kit for mounting AdvancedSense or tablet, DirectSense probe, FM-801 (or 2nd DS probe) and PM-205 or PC-3016. Includes rugged ACC-TPD1 tripod and mounting hardware (ACC-MNT1/MNT2P/MNT3), plus PCC-07T soft case.

ACC-TPD-M2 Mini-tripod with 15cm (6 in.) extendable legs for use as a stand for AdvancedSense or FM-801 or DSII probes (also useful for positioning DSI probes to extend properly from PCC-10 and PCC-15 security cases). Supplied as standard with aforementioned meters and probes.


PCC-AS01 Pouch for AdvancedSense with belt strap, hand strap and neck strap. Also has eyelets for rear camera and for inspector LED (for AdvancedSense Pro only).

PCC-MN-7F Protective folio case/stand with eyelet for back camera (for MN-07 Tablet PC).

PCC-MN-8 Protective nylon pouch with hand strap for secure grasp of MN-08 Tablet PCs. Also includes neck strap and built-in stand.

PCC-MN-10 Protective nylon pouch with hand strap for secure grasp of MN-10 Tablet PCs. Also includes neck strap and built-in stand.

PCC-05IQ Probe pouch w/ shoulder strap for IQ-410/610, TG-501/2/3 probes. Shown (at left) with PCC-AS01 AdvancedSense pouch. Allows for hands-free walk-thrus.

PCC-P504 Soft case for PIT-504 extendable Pitot Tube (with room for extra extensions) and/or thermocouple temperature probes.

PCC-07T Nylon carrying case for tripod and mounting hardware. Has room for ACC-TPD1, ACC-MNT1, ACC-MNT2P, 2 x ACC-MNT3 and more. Comes standard in ACC-TPDL-KIT. May alternatively be used as a general, utilitarian case for various GrayWolf products.

PCC-22AS Hardshell case for AdvancedSense and AS-201/202A airspeed probe and PIT-504 pitot tube kit and accessories (pictured at left). Alternatively, use for AdvancedSense and a DirectSense probe

PCC-22U8 Hardshell case for 8″ tablet, DirectSense probe, AS-201/202A airspeed probe and accessories. Specify PCC-22U7 or PCC-22U10 for 7” or 10” tablets respectively.

PCC-10A Hardshell security case for single probe monitoring. Stores AdvancedSense meter and up to 2 x IQ or TG probes (plus airspeed probe), accessories.

PCC-10U Hardshell security case for single probe monitoring. Stores 7″, 8″ or 10″ tablet PC and up to 2 x IQ or TG probes (plus airspeed probe), accessories.

PCC-15A Hardshell security case for dual probe monitoring. Stores AdvancedSense meter, 4 x IQ or TG probes (plus airspeed probe), accessories.

PCC-15U Hardshell security case for single probe monitoring. Stores 7″, 8″ or 10″ tablet PC and up to 4 x IQ or TG probes (plus airspeed probe), accessories..

PCC-16 Hardshell roller case for WolfPack (also holds AdvancedSense, tablet or laptop PC, several spare probes, probe handles and accessories)

ACC-BRK1 External instrument bracket installed on PCC-10, PCC-15, PCC-20 or PCC-25 security cases (up to two maximum). Two come as standard on WolfPacks.


CA-HD2 Calibration hood for DirectSense I probes (comes with 1m and 30cm tubing lengths).

CA-GS25H High range VOC gas calibration kit includes cal hood/cap (specify for DSI or DSII probe), regulator, tubing, PCC-GC2 case, 0.0ppm hydrocarbon reference gas and 8750ppm isobutylene span gas


CA-GS25L Low range VOC gas calibration kit includes cal hood/cap (specify for DSI or DSII), regulator, tubing, PCC-GC2 case, 0.0ppm hydrocarbon reference gas and 7.5ppm isobutylene span gas

CA-GS12 Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas calibration kit includes cal hood, regulator, tubing, PCC-GC4 case, 375 & 1250ppm CO2 reference gases, 0ppm hydrocarbon gas and 95ppm CO reference gases

CA-XXX-XX calibration gas cylinders. GrayWolf offers a broad range of calibration gases to be used for field calibration/verification of the many gas sensors that we offer. Inquire about the reference gas values available, cylinder volumes and model numbers for specific gases.

CA-REG1 0.3 lpm standard regulator for calibration gas cylinders.

CA-REG5 is an alternative, 0.5 lpm stainless steel regulator for use with reactive reference gases.

PC-GW4005-HD5 Calibration Hood for PC-4005 or PC-5005 TVOC and/or CO2 sensor calibration. Comes with 2m tubing.

WolfCare calibration, extended warranty and service contracts (available for 1 up to 5 years)

Probe Accessories

ACC-DSPFAN1 In-line fan installed in DirectSense I probes. Improves sensor response time in still air. Also allows for sample draw when used with CA-HD2 hood.

ACC-FIL6 Temporary filters (set of 6) for DirectSense I probes to protect probe sensors in dusty/dirty environments. Slightly slows sensor response time, but protects them from contaminant damage.

ACC-TPD-AS Fitting for AS-201/2A airspeed probes, attaches to ACC-TPD1 tripod or ACCXT-ROD extension rod.)

ACC-XT-ROD Extension rod for GrayWolf AS-202/2A airspeed probes.

ADY-USBS4P 4 probe powered USB multi-adapter. Because this hub is powered, all DirectSense probes attached will be powered (non-powered USB hubs will only power the first probe connected, and not any others, which would then need to rely on internal batteries).

FM-ACC-C1 Replacement sensor cartridge for FM-801 formaldehyde meter (sold in packs of 5 as FM-ACC-C5, packs of 10 as FM-ACC-C10). These products are slated for discontinuation end 2021.

Direct Connect TRH Sensors for AdvancedSense Meters

RH-AS2 %RH, temperature probe (plugs directly into bottom of AdvancedSense, or into optional ACC-RH-HDLA handle assembly).

ACC-RH-HDLA Handle (13cm, 5in length) with Lemo connector and 1m cable for RH-AS2 sensor assembly.

Pressure Sensors for installation in AdvancedSense Meters

DP-702LH-A Differential Pressure Sensor; auto-zeroing & auto-ranging dual integrated sensors. Optional for AdvancedSense Pro and AdvancedSense BE meters.

ACC-TU2M 2m 1/8″ ID dual silicone tubing for differential pressure sensor ports and for pitot tubes

BP-101-A Barometric Pressure Sensor; for BP display and pressure compensation of mass concentration readings. Optional for AdvancedSense Pro meters.

PIT-504 Extendable Pitot Tube Kit (for AdvancedSense, Zephyr or DP meters from other manufacturers)

GrayWolf’s unique, 4 stage extendable (40.5cm, 16in minimum, 138cm, 55in maximum) length PIT-504 ellipsoidal tip, high grade, corrosion resistant SS316 stainless steel Pitot Static Tube. Easily disassembles to fit into included 41cm, 16in PCC-P504 nylon case with shoulder strap (& with room for up to 2 optional 33.5cm, 13in extensions which expand the pitot tube to 205cm, 80in total length). Also includes directional pointer, 5cm, 2in protective handle, 175cm, 69in dual tubing and marker. 

Four pitot tube lengths in one compact case; six with optional extensions (and long, up to 2m+). 

Optional Upgrade: 

PIT-504-EXT 33cm, 13in SS316 extension tube for PIT-504 Pitot Static Tube (a maximum of 2 extensions may be added to the 3 extensions plus main stage that come with this pitot static tube)

Standard Pitot Tubes (for AdvancedSense and Zephyr)

GrayWolf’s range of standard pitot-static tubes (manufactured by a 3rd party) may be used for air velocity measurements with the DP-701/702(installed in AdvancedSense) or with GrayWolf’s Zephyr DP meters.

PIT-229M-12 30 mm, 12 inch length ellipsoidal tip, stainless steel Pitot Static Tube

PIT-229M-19 48 mm, 19 inch length ellipsoidal tip, stainless steel Pitot Static Tube

PIT-229M-39 100 mm, 39 inch length ellipsoidal tip, stainless steel Pitot Static Tube)

K-Type Thermocouple Temperature Probes (for AdvancedSense and Zephyr)

A range of type K thermocouple probes for use with GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense and Zephyr instruments.

TC-302HY K thermocouple 45mm, 1.75in Hypodermic Temperature Probe

TC-302P K thermocouple 75mm, 3in Penetration Temperature Probe

TC-302PL K thermocouple 305mm, 12in Penetration Temperature Probe

TC-303A K thermocouple 305mm, 12in Air/Gas Temperature Probe

TC-305S K thermocouple 89mm, 3.5in Surface Temperature Probe, Standard

TC-305SR K thermocouple 247mm, 9.75in (+ 57mm, 2.25in tip) Surface Temperature Probe, Angled Tip

TC-307AD K thermocouple 150mm, 5.9in Air/Gas/Immersion Direct Connect Temperature Probe)


WolfSense ARG Advanced Report Generator automates report writing. Enables efficient detailed reports for IAQ, LEED and/or your specific, custom application.

Click here for detailed info.  

SWS-AS Application software upgrade for AdvancedSense meters.

SWS-LAP Application software upgrade for Windows Tablets/Laptops/PCs.

Although WolfSense PC data transfer software may always be upgraded for free, after 12 months your application software requires an upgrade or an extended subscription. Take advantage of great new features, revised sensor tips, updated on-board help videos, and much more.

HoodCal Fumehood face velocity balancing software. Utilizes GrayWolf hotwire anemometers.

DuctCal Duct traverse, volume flow calculation software. Utilizes GrayWolf hotwire anemometers or pitot tubes.

VentCal Ventilation rate calculation software. Utilizes GrayWolf CO2 probes to determine air changes/hour, volume outdoor air flow per occupant, volume outdoor air flow per floor area and % outdoor air in supply air.


Custom Wolf Interface for WolfSense AS/LAP application software that includes up to 3 password protected feature tiers. Top tier is the standard, full featured menu. Additional tier(s) have any number of features disabled (e.g. text notes, auto-log, change language, etc., etc.) and removed from all menus. Further simplifies the user interface/menu for specific end-users.


AD-L6P-PM1500 Adapter cable, 450mm, to interface PM-205 (pDR-1500) Particulate Meters (DIN 6 pin) via the WolfPack’s 6 pin Lemo socket. Includes power connector for particulate meter to run off WolfPack battery.

AD-L6P-PM3016 Adapter cable, 450mm, to interface PC-GW3016 Particle Counters (RJ45) via the WolfPack’s 6 pin Lemo-type socket. Includes power connector for particle counter to run off WolfPack battery.

AD-L7F1M-USBF Cable for connecting AdvancedSense/WolfPack to external storage device (such as USB key pictured here) for download/upload of files. Also for AdvancedSense Pro to specific IR cameras and borescopes.

AD-L71M-PC3016 Adapter cable, 1m, to interface PC-GW3016 Particle Counters (RJ45) via the AdvancedSense 7 pin bottom Lemo socket.

AD-L71M-PC4000 Adapter cable, 1m, to interface PC-GW4000/5 Particle Counters via the AdvancedSense 7 pin bottom Lemo-type socket.

AD-L71M-PM1500 Adapter cable, 1m, to interface PM-205 (pDR-1500) Particulate Meters (DIN 6 pin) via the AdvancedSense 7 pin bottom Lemo-type socket.

AD-L8-USBS 8 pin Lemo to standard USB probe adapter.

AD-L81M-USBMIC Probe Adapter, 1m, for MN-08-10 and alternative Windows Tablets, 8 pin Lemo-type to USB Micro connector.

AD-P12-L8 Replacement PH-12S Pocket PC serial probe adapter.

AD-USB1-CL USB computer download cable for GrayWolf’s Classical line instruments (Zephyr/Surveyor).

AD-USBS-USBMIC Adapter cable, 15cm, standard USB to (extended tip) micro USB.

ADY-L81M-L8F2 Y adapter for dual 8 pin Lemo DirectSense probe connection to a single 8 pin Lemo socket on AdvancedSense, 1m.


SHRT-GWSS GrayWolf golf shirts $35 each. Specify S/M/L/XL/XXL

ACC-BELTCL-1 Belt Clip for PC-3016, PM-201/205 and FM-801 meters (comes as standard). Attaches to security case bracket, WolfPack. ACC-MNT3 mount or belt. May also be attached to AdvancedSense. Includes extra back fitting (as shown) when applicable.

ACC-SD-HFP Pocket clip hex/Phillips/flat screwdriver set (comes standard with DirectSense II and AS-201/202A airspeed probes) $20 each.

ACC-STY2 Dual standard (resistive) and capacitive stylus with GrayWolf logo (included with all GrayWolf orders for AdvancedSense/WolfPack/Tablets) $10 each. The tip operates with AdvancedSense, WolfPack & Pocket PCs. The capacitive end operates with touchscreen tablets, as well as most cell phones.

ACC-STY3-BLUE Set of 3 spare blue styluses for AdvancedSense

ACC-STY3-BLACK Set of 3 spare black styluses for AdvancedSense Pro

ACC-USBTD GrayWolf 4GB USB thumb drive (included with all orders that have WolfSense AS/LAP/ARG) $15 each.

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