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Rent Directly from the Manufacturer with Up-To-Date Factory Calibrations, competitive pricing and significant rebates towards equipment purchased (now or later).

GrayWolf has a fleet of rental instruments to meet your short-term measurement needs. Rent portable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors, Toxic Gas instruments, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) monitors, Air Velocity meters, Particle Counters, Digital Micromanometers (differential pressure meters), Formaldehyde monitors and more. A significant rebate of rental fees is available to clients that determine that they can justify the purchase of the equipment that they rented to meet long-term measurement requirements. Apply the rebate towards the purchase of the rental equipment in-hand, or towards the purchase of brand-new instruments.

Take advantage of the ease-of-use, the on-board hand-holding and the in-depth documentation for environmental surveys that GrayWolf AdvancedSense® instruments offer. Our in-house support staff can provide interactive internet training; making it easy to get up-to-speed. All GrayWolf rentals include our WolfSense® Advanced Report Generator report writing software; find out how incredibly easy it can be to produce detailed, professional reports on the measurement data that you have collected.


AdvancedSense® Instruments

Designed for walk-through surveys, spot-checks and for short to long-term trend logging.

AdvancedSense IAQ Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Kit

AdvancedSense TVOC Volatile Organic Compound Measurement Kit

PCC-10 security/carrying case is included

VOC-Toxic Gas Meter

Call 1-203-402-0477 for information on IAQ Rentals

Call 1-203-402-0477 for information on TVOC Rentals

AdvancedSense TOX Multi-Gas Monitoring Kit

AdvancedSense FM Airspeed, Airflow, Fumehood Measurement Kit

VOC-Toxic Gas Meter

Optional PCC-15 dual probe security/carrying case

PCC-22AS carrying case is included

Call 1-203-402-0477 for information on TOX Kit Rentals

Call 1-203-402-0477 for information on Air/FM Rentals

AdvancedSense HVAC Measurement Kit

AdvancedSense LEED and WELL Kits

Optional extendable pitot tube (PIT-504-KIT) for use with included, extremely accurate, broad range DP-702LH differential pressure sensor

PC-3016 6-Channel Particle meter in use with Bluetooth connection to 2 x DirectSense II IAQ probes and to Android device.

Optional tripod kit (shown with optional PM-205 particulate meter)

Call 1-203-402-0477 for information on HVAC Rentals

Call 1-203-402-0477 for information on LEED/WELL Kit Rentals

Stand-Alone Instruments

Use these as independent datalogging meters (download and report on data via WolfSense PC), or interface them to the AdvancedSense meters.

6-Channel Particle Counter PC-GW6A Kit

GW3016 optionally interfaced to AdvancedSense

Call 1-203-402-0477 for information on Particle Counter Rentals

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