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AdvancedSense HVAC, Hand-Held Differential Pressure Meters 

For high accuracy, low and high range DP Measurements

AdvancedSense Pro differential pressure meter with Pitot-Static Tube

Unprecedented differential pressure measurement accuracy, plus range (via auto-ranging dual DP sensors), as well as auto-zeroing (to maintain low-end precision), is offered by GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense meters with a DP-702LH sensor installed. GrayWolf offers instruments with broad measurement ranges, yet exceptional sensitivity. They may be utilized for spot checks and for long-term trending of a variety of pressure measurement applications that require high reliability. Choose from the cutting edge AdvancedSense meters or the new Zephyr III (which in July 2020 replaced the Zephyr Classical Line Meter, 25+ years on the market).

Differential pressure is a key HVAC measurement parameter in commercial, residential and institutional facilities and in manufacturing plants. For example, measuring pressure drop across coils and filters identifies when cleaning or replacement is in order, leading to improved occupant air quality and to significant energy savings. DP with a pitot tube can measure air velocities in difficult environments (e.g. stacks), over a very broad temperature range and up to very high velocities. DP monitoring is also a crucial parameter for determining pollutant pathways for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and for worker exposures, among many other applications.

AdvancedSense BE ΔP meter, with optional K-thermocouple temperature probe

The auto-ranging DP-702LH offers unparalleled accuracy plus range in a handheld meter.

The AdvancedSense meter, when purchased with the built-in, auto-zeroing, differential pressure sensor option, clearly displays pressure readings on its tactile, color screen. The auto-zeroing feature allows for highly accurate differential pressure logging over time. With a pitot tube, the unit provides direct air velocity or volume flow readings. The AdvancedSense Pro also includes dual ‘K’-type thermocouple sockets for input from air, immersion, surface and other temperature probe configurations (optional on the AdvancedSense BE). Rugged sockets allow for connection to any other GrayWolf probes for an extensive range of additional parameters.

The AdvancedSense offers an easy-to-use, highly intuitive user interface. It includes a broad range of advanced features such as attachment of text, audio, drawing or other note formats to logged data, on-board video help and on-site access to extensive educational information.

Zephyr III Differential Pressure
AdvancedSense Pro DP meter with multiple additional sensors attached
  • Auto-zeroing
    • Auto-calibrates zero every 2 minutes (user adjustable) for excellent low range accuracy over hours/days/weeks of monitoring
  • DP-702LH (Auto-Ranging and Auto-zeroing)
    • Range ±10,000Pa (40inH2O, 1000mmH2O, 100mBar, 70mmHg)
    • Resolution 0.1Pa (0.001inH2O, 0.01mmH2O, 0.001mBar, 0.001mmHg)
    • Accuracy (auto-zeroing enabled) ±1% of rdg ±0.1Pa up to 250Pa, ±1%rdg ±4Pa >250 (±1% of rdg ±0.001 inH2O to 1.000 inH2O, ±1%rdg ±0.015 inH2O>1.000)
  • Optional Air Velocity, Temperature, %RH
    • Connect standard or GrayWolf manufactured pitot tubes to display m/s, ft/min, l/s, cfm & more
    • Hot-wire air velocity probes; telescoping, articulating (and °C/°F)
    • Dual K Thermocouple sockets (standard)
    • Optional Pt100/%RH probe
  • Back-lit color display
    • Clearly displays readings with a choice of unit symbols
    • View data in tabular or graphic formats
    • Tactile screen enhances ease-of-use
  • Data-logging
    • Manual “snapshot” or automatic “trend” data-logging
    • Store enhanced survey information on-site; data plus text, audio notes, photos, videos, drawings and more…
  • Rugged Housing
    • Rubber side grips
    • Brass thread for wall bracket/tripod mounting, etc.
    • Optional instrument pouch with neck-strap
  • Intelligent user interface
    • Extremely easy-to-use
    • Intuitive icons and drop-down menus
    • Screen prompts user through operation
  • On-board educational tools
    • Feature tips, video help files (including several on how to use DP sensors)
    • Specific info for each sensor
    • Add your own procedures, field forms and more for on-site use
  • Reporting
    • Download logged data and notes to WolfSense® PC software (included) for analysis and efficient reporting
  • Accessories
    • Optional camera, application specific software, on-line (WiFi) data access and much more…
  • Expandable
    • Optional particle concentration or particle count module
    • Optional IAQ, toxic gas, VOC, thermal (hotwire) air velocity probes
    • Optional barometric pressure sensor

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Front View of AdvancedSense Pro
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