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Green Building Indoor Air Quality IAQ Monitors, Meters for LEED IAQ, WELL IAQ, ARC IAQ & other Testing

Indoor air quality measurement and monitoring in Green Buildings is driven by two, sometimes competing issues; 1) minimizing energy costs and 2) maximizing the health and productivity of the building occupants. GrayWolf meters are well-suited for portable IAQ testing, long-term IAQ trend logging and continuous IAQ monitoring in buildings.

Buildings consume approximately 40% of the total energy used in developed countries, with roughly half of that spent on heating, cooling and distributing air. This is a very ripe target for the “green” efforts toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the concurrent financial motivation of reducing energy costs. However, easily the highest expense in buildings is occupant compensation and even a very small reduction in their productivity can easily offset energy savings if air quality is reduced in an effort to cut energy use. The wellness of the occupants extends to short and long-term health factors. There are also facility-specific factors such as optimizing conditions conducive to learning in schools and universities, or testing for specific potential contaminants in white collar office areas that result from industry processes in adjoining manufacturing or service facilities. 

A number of industry organizations have formed to address the energy reduction and occupant wellness issues for buildings. USGBC LEED, IWBI WELL, ARC Skoru and GBI Green Globes are among them. Long-established groups such as ASHRAE have specialized committees related to building and green building issues (e.g. ASHRAE Standard 62 and Standard 189). Some countries or local government agencies have incorporated some of these industry guidelines and standards into regulations or building code. And some governments have developed their own standards (e.g. Singapore BCA’s “Green Mark”). GrayWolf has long worked with, and often has extensive experience with these groups.

With over 30 parameters to choose from, GrayWolf offers measurement kits with the parameters necessary for certain specific Green Building applications; in many cases satisfying the specific measurement technology requirements, in other cases highly useful as a real-time screening tool ahead of collecting and sending samples out for lab testing. Many of the Green Building requirements are available to view on-board GrayWolf instruments, in-situ. Remote access has many pre-defined parameter limits included to view with gauges and graphs. And GrayWolf’s optional Advanced Report Generation software include limits, text and formatting all useful for reporting to meet various industry and government air measurement requirements.



DSII Continuous Clound Monitoring in Public Spaces

Continuous Monitoring of Multiple IAQ Parameters



DirectSense II Probe shown with rugged Android device

Portable Spot-Testing up to 8 Parameters (in 1 Probe)

Short-Term Trend Logging up to 32 Parameters

Choose Your Platform(s)

AdvancedSense XM

AdvancedSense PRO/BE and DSII

GrayWolf’s all-new, purpose-built AdvancedSense® XM meters are feature rich. Up to 32 simultaneous parameters connecting multi-sensor DirectSense® II probe(s), in addition to other internal and external sensors (and/or particle meters) via cable and/or Bluetooth. Also use this meter’s Wi-Fi to access all parameters via the cloud.

Windows Devices

DirectSense II with Ruggedized Cradle

GrayWolf supplied MS Windows Tablets are provided with relevant accessories. Or use WolfSense® LAP software to enable your own WIN 8/10/11 Laptop/PC. Multi-probe connection via cable and/or Bluetooth wireless. Feature rich.

iOS and Android devices

DSII and Smartphone

Bluetooth connection direct to iOS and Android devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). Use your own or GrayWolf supplied. Audio/photo/video/IR/text notes, advanced data-logging, on-screen graphing, sensor tips and many other features using the free Apple and Google Play store WolfSense Mobile apps.

GrayWolfLive Cloud

GrayWolfLive Cloud

GrayWolfLive® secure cloud platform for remote real-time access, data-logging, and alerts. Connect straight from Wi-Fi enabled DirectSense II probes or via various GrayWolf meters, tablets, iOS or Android devices. View data as text, graphs, gauges, and/or tables. More Info

  • Multi-function
    • Simultaneous measurement of up to eight (8) key IAQ indicators with one probe; VOCs, CO2 (dilution ventilation), CO, O3, NO2, %RH, °C/°F plus an additional toxic gas sensor (from a broad choice of specific gases)
    • Optional particle concentration (PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10, TSP plus 2 other size ranges)
    • With an added probe, concurrently measure up to six additional gases
    • Up to 4 GrayWolf probes, plus a particulate sensor and formaldehyde monitor, may be connected simultaneously to some platforms
    • Optional air velocity probes
    • Optional internal differential pressure sensor (to determine pollutant pathways) and/or barometric pressure sensor
  • Data Logging
    • Manual “snapshot” or automatic “trend” datalogging
    • Store enhanced survey information on-site; data plus text, audio notes, photos, videos, drawings and more…
  • Back-lit color display
    • Clearly displays numerous readings simultaneously; auto-scrolls
      for >8 parameters
    • Automatically updates as probes are plugged in
    • View data in tabular or graphic formats
  • Intelligent user interface
    • Extremely easy-to-use
    • Intuitive icons and drop-down menus
    • Screen prompts user through operation
  • On-board educational tools
    • Feature tips, video help files
    • IAQ info for each sensor: government & industry guidelines, health effects, typical background levels and more
    • IAQ reference documents pre-loaded as PDFs
    • Add your own procedures, docs and Word field forms for on-site use
  • Reporting
    • Download logged data and notes to WolfSense® PC software (included) for analysis and efficient, detailed reporting
    • Optional “Advanced Report Generator: IAQ Edition” software automates comprehensive IAQ report generation
    • Optional GrayWolfLive allows remote access to data and notes via WiFi
  • Accessories
    • Probe belt clip keeps sensors away from the influence of operators’ breath
    • Instrument/Mobile PC pouch for true hands-free operation
    • Hard-shell security case for protected trend logging and for transport
    • Optional user calibration kits, application specific software modules and much more…

Easily portable, even hands-free, with multiple probes

PCC-36P Hard Shell Case securely exposes DSII-8 probe (up to 8 IAQ sensors) and internal Particle Meter for unattended, long-term trending. Optional external bracket for interfaced, IAQ range Formaldehyde meter.

Optional GrayWolfLive software allows remote access to instrument data & notes via smartphones, iPads, Droids, PCs, etc. with gauges and graphs that display LEED/WELL or user defined limits

Example Screens

WolfSense® PC software is supplied as standard for data management and detailed graph generation. Produce detailed reports via copy and paste.
Use data collected from your Advancedsense XM to easily Generate Reports

Optional “Advanced Report Generator: IAQ Edition” software automates efficient production of detailed IAQ (and LEED/WELL green building) reports. Click here for an example WSARG IAQ report.

GrayWolf IAQ kits include an AdvancedSense meter (or mobile computer), plus multi-sensor indoor air quality probe, WolfSense application software, WolfSense PC desktop data transfer & reporting software, USB download cable, AC adapter/charger, meter & probe pouches and hard-shell security case. Expanded kits include TVOCs, airspeed, particulates, WolfSense Advanced Report Generation software and more. Click here for more info on software


DirectSense II Probe
DirectSense II IAQ Brochure
AdvancedSense XM Brochure
GrayWolfLive Cloud Data Logger
Zephyr-III Micromanometer

Application Notes

Download “GrayWolf Live Applications”

Download “USGBC LEED®
v4 EQc4 – Air Quality Assessment”

WELL Building V2

Download “Utilizing GrayWolf for The WELL Building Standard v2”

Download “Utilizing PIDs (for
VOCs) during IAQ Investigations”

Download “Arc™ Testing: Instrumentation for the ”Human Experience“

“Download “Pre-Screening for ASHRAE’s Standard 189.1: Post-Construction, Preoccupancy Baseline IAQ Monitoring”

Download “BREEAM Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality Assessment”

For Detailed Information: