Particulate Meters, Monitors, Instruments

For IAQ, PM2.5, PM10 Measurement, Data-Logging (and more)

GrayWolf’s 6-channel handheld, desktop and wall-mount air particulate meters, PM2.5 and PM10 monitors, and particle counters all interface with GrayWolf DirectSense®, AdvancedSense® Pro, and WolfSense® LAP enabled instrumentation. With the exception of the PM-601 particulate concentration meters, they also can connect with WolfSense Mobile on Android and iOS devices. Use these particle meters as stand-alone instruments, and/or interface them to display and log particulates directly on a GrayWolf instrument, Mobile PC, smartphone, and/or to the cloud, all simultaneously with one or more GrayWolf multi-sensor probes.

GrayWolf IAQ Particle Meter (PM2.5, PM10)

PC-3016 – 6 Channel Particle Meter (left) 

PC-3500 (left), PC-4005 (center), PC-5000 (right) 6-channel Particle Meters



  • Measure Particle Concentration/Counts as stand-alone meters
  • Simultaneously measure, in combination with GrayWolf probe parameters
  • Works in conjunction with GrayWolf DirectSense II IAQ probesToxic Gas probesTVOC probesAS-201/202A Air Velocity probes and/or Zephyr-LDP or DP-702LH auto-zeroing Differential Pressure sensors
  • 0.3µm and larger particles with GrayWolf’s PC-3016, PC-3500, PC-4000 and PC-5000 six size range particle meters which can display/log calculated mass concentration (as PM0.5, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM5.0, PM10 & TPM in µg/m3) or as particle counts Note: Particle Counts not available on WolfSense Mobile enabled devices at this time.
  • Use the particulate meters as unconnected dataloggers, downloading logged data direct to GrayWolf’s advanced data management and reporting software; WolfSense PC
  • Or interface the particulate meters to a GrayWolf AdvancedSense Pro, WolfSense LAP enabled Windows tablet or WolfSense Mobile enabled iOS or Android device (optional WolfRadio™ XM required) and store ALL survey information; data AND audio/text/photo/video notes
  • When interfaced, includes easily accessible, on-board parameter tips, an IAQ particle sizing chart, government and industry guidelines, help videos, optional GrayWolfLive® Wi-Fi access and much more
  • Optional WolfSense ARG Advanced Reporting software for highly efficient, detailed, automated reports
  • %RH and Temperature optionally available on all models
  • CO2 and TVOC sensors optionally available, built right into the PC-4005 or PC-5005, or utilize a DirectSense II probe
  • Up to 31 additional sensors, accessible for all models, when simultaneously interfaced to DirectSense II probe(s) via AdvancedSensePro/Smartphone/Tablet/PC/Cloud
  • Added available sensors include CO, NO2, O3, HCHO, NH3, Cl2, H2S and many more
WolfRadio-XM 3016

WolfRadio-XM-3016 module for PC-3016 particle meter enables connectivity to Wi-Fi, Android and iOS devices.

WolfRadio XM 3500

WolfRadio-XM-3500 module for PC-3500/4000/4005/5000/5005 particle meters.

PC-3016 6-Channel Particle meter in use with Bluetooth connection to 2 x DirectSense II IAQ probes and to Android device.

PC-3016 6-Channel Particle meter in use with Bluetooth connection to 2 x DirectSense II IAQ probes and to Android device.

When connecting to an AdvancedSense Pro meter, smartphone, or Windows, iOS or Android tablet, Particulate readings may be displayed/logged on their own or in combination with other GrayWolf sensors.

PC-3500 in use with AdvancedSense PRO and DSII

PC-3500 6-Channel Particle meter in use with cable connection to DirectSense II IAQ probe and to AdvancedSense meter.

Check out this brief overview of GrayWolf’s advanced Air Quality meters/instruments & how to organize a demonstration specific to your Particulate measurement needs.


WolfRadioXM Specifications

Application Notes

Download “USGBC LEED®
v4 EQc4 – Air Quality Assessment”

Download “The WELL Building Standard v1, for Air Quality Screening”

Download “Asthma Trigger Application Note”

Download “The WELL Building Standard v1, Section 18, Continuous Air Quality Monitoring and Feedback”

Download “Performance Verification of Indoor Air Purification/Filtration Products”

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