GrayWolfLive Cloud Platform

Remote access to data from WiFi enabled GrayWolf instruments or probes

Communicate your GrayWolf generated environmental data directly to Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones (iPhones, Android phones, etc.); in the same room, in the same building or on the other side of the world. GrayWolfLive enables access to readings wherever you are, on just about any internet connected device; from technicians conducting walk-through surveys on-site, from monitors setup for days/week/months of trend-logging and/or from continuous monitoring GrayWolf instruments and probes.

Display real-time “Live Display” readings similar to displays on GrayWolf meters. Alternatively, display Gauges, with the option for preset (e.g. LEED/WELL) or with customer defined acceptable ranges. Or view cloud-logged readings as Tables or as single or multi-Y Graphs. In fact, any of the different views can be opened simultaneously in different windows or tabs. And readings from different meters/probes can also be opened at the same time.


The GrayWolfLive web application allows remote access to real-time and logged data from any GrayWolf WiFi enabled instrument. E-mail data to the device(s) of your choice at the intervals of your choice. In addition, the “GrayWolfLive Alerts” version also enables text, e-mail and (soon) WhatsApp messages to auto-send to multiple recipients when parameter(s) exceed or drop below user assigned set-points. And more features are being added. Contact us to find out what else is coming!


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