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GrayWolfLive Cloud Platform

Remote access to data from WiFi enabled GrayWolf instruments or probes

GrayWolfLive Readings on Phone

View all your real-time environmental monitoring data in one place with GrayWolfLive cloudbased monitoring platform.Utilizing the built-in Wi-Fi in GrayWolf DirectSense II probes, WolfRadioXM modules and Tablet-Based systems, you can send your data directly to GrayWolfLive and access it from any internet connected device. Take advantage of the virtually unlimited environmental data storage in the cloud for your week-long monitoring project, long-term remote applications, or fixed continuous monitoring in small, medium, or large facilities. 

GWL Live Readings 3.0

Display your real-time readings, updating up to once every 15 seconds. View a “Live Reading” data table, or display Gauges and Graphs with the option for displaying user-defined thresholds or IAQ presets (e.g. LEED/WELL). With GrayWolfLive, you can view all your connected probes and meters simultaneously from a central location or share the readings of specific devices with a direct web-link. 

GrayWolfLive Dashboard

The GrayWolfLive™ web application allows you to create and permanently save Trend Logs from the historical live data. Export logged data via email or download for use in reports through WolfSense PC software.  

Upgrade to GrayWolfLive-Alerts to enable text and e-mail notifications when parameter(s) exceed or drop below user assigned thresholds.  

For OEM applications, use the data directly from Wi-Fi capable GrayWolf Probes and WolfRadioXM modules, or access your data via the GrayWolf Live API. More features are being added. Contact us to find out what else is coming! 


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GrayWolfLive Cloud Data Logger
Data Logging with GrayWolfLive
Data Logging with GrayWolfLive

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