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Unique 4-stage Extendable 2m Pitot Tube

GrayWolf manufactures an extendable pitot-static tube which comes standard with 4 stages, and can be expanded with up to 2 additional extensions to over 2 meters (80 inches), all fitting into a convenient 42cm (16.5″) long carrying pouch.

Extendable in four stages:

405mm (16”),
715mm (28.1”),
1050mm (41.3”),
and 1385mm (54.5”)

Optional 335mm (13″) extensions (up to 2) expand it to:

1720 mm (67.7”),
and 2055mm (80”)

The PIT-504  (and optional PIT-504-EXT extensions) are constructed of high-grade SS316 stainless steel. Use this pitot-static tube with GrayWolf manufactured micromanometers, or with other differential pressure meter brands.


GrayWolf also offers several SS304, economical, standard pitot-static tubes from a third-party vendor for use with our AdvancedSense and Zephyr Meters (details below):

PIT-504-KIT Pitot Extendable Pitot Tube (4 Stages) with carry pouch, tubing, pointer.

PIT-229M-12 Pitot Static Tube; 30 mm (12″) length ellipsoidal tip, SS304 stainless steel
PIT-229-19 Pitot Static Tube; 48 mm (19″) length ellipsoidal tip, SS304 stainless steel
PIT-229-39 Pitot Static Tube 100 mm (39″) length ellipsoidal tip, SS304 stainless steel

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