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The most advanced portable Relative Humidity Meter available today. Utilize the power of mobile PCs to display, record, document, annotate and report measurements with GrayWolf’s accurate, fast response sensors.

  • Measures %RH, Temperature, Dew Point, Wetbulb Temperature, Humidity Ratio, Specific Humidity, Absolute Humidity and more…
  • Stores enhanced survey information; data and text and graphic notes and specific data file names and more…
  • On board sensor tips, calibration & care information, help files and more…
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Desktop data analysis and reporting w/included WolfSense® PC software
  • Optional WolfSense® ARG Advanced Reporting software makes recurring report generation quick and efficient

  PH-02 PocketPC & RH-302 Probe                    Purchase the PPC from GrayWolf,                                    or use your own.


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