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WolfSense PC and ARG Desktop Reporting Software

WolfSense PC software is the optimum tool to download data from your GrayWolf AdvancedSense, WolfPack or Tablet based system. WolfSense PC software allows you to view, graph, export and print your data, as well as view notes collected with your instrument. Basic or detailed reports can be easily created by cutting and pasting into a report document from WolfSense PC. Additionally, the optional Advanced Report Generator (ARG) Module (extra charge) allows you to produce simple or elaborate reports automatically.

WolfSensePC is FREE to all GrayWolf customers and may be installed on as many systems as desired.  Please register for our Customer Self-Serve Portal to download the latest version.

Instrument Updates

WolfOS software powers the versatile user interface on GrayWolf manufactured instruments, while WolfSense LAP is the application that enables your Windows tablet/laptop as a direct reading/datalogging instrument. This software has frequent upgrades that include improvements to the user interface experience, updated on-board educational information (e.g. sensor/user tips, video help, audio queues) and much more. WolfOS and WolfSenseLAP upgrades are free for all GrayWolf customers. 

WolfOS and WolfSense LAP updates for AdvancedSenseXM systems and tablets/laptops are available via GrayWolf’s Customer Self-Serve Portal.

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