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Add-On Software Modules

GrayWolf’s Add-On software modules extend the abilites of the WolfSense® software with easy to use experiment wizards and calculation modules. Add-On Modules utilize the power of your Mobile PC to improve the efficiency, accuracy and detail of environmental testing and reporting.


FumeHood Face Velocity Testing Module

The HoodCal add-on software module, together with GrayWolf’s AS-201 hotwire airspeed probe, allows you to easily perform face velocity checks on your fumehoods.


Duct Flow Calculation Module

GrayWolf’s DuctCal software add-on module for accurate Volume Flow measurement calculates and displays measurement points, walking the user through a choice of Log-Tchebycheff or Equal Area duct traverses.


Outdoor Air Ventilation Rate Module

Calculate ventilation rates per person, per area or as an air exchange rate with the VentCal® add-on module. Choice of CO2 Air Ratio, Tracer Decay and Equilibrium Tracer techniques (requires IQ-410, IQ-610 or other GrayWolf probe with CO2 sensor).

Advanced Report Generator

Advanced Report Generator

Detailed Indoor Air Quality and general environmental reports can be generated efficiently for specific site surveys. A Template Design Wizard walks the user through report set-up. Click here for more information.

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