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Build Your System

Choose your DirectSense II Probe

Select DSII-3 with Temperature/RH + 1 Sensor
Select DSII-5 with Temperature/RH + 3 Sensors
Select DSII-8 with Temperature/RH + 6 Sensors

Choose your Sensors

25+ available sensors; TVOCs, CO2, CO, O3, NO2, NH3, O2, H2S, Formaldehyde, NO, SO2, Cl2, HCN, HF, HCl, H2, F2, ClO2, EtO and other parameters. All probes include Temperature and Relative Humidity.

Sensors are truly plug & play, easily swapped by the user. Calibration and other info is stored on each sensor.

Choose your Platform

Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connection direct to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with the WolfSense Mobile App.

GrayWolf supplied tablets are provided with relevant accessories. Or use WolfSense® LAP software to enable your own WIN 10/11 Tablet/ Laptop/ PC.

GrayWolf’s rugged, purpose-built AdvancedSense® XM meters are feature-rich, yet easy-to-use.

GrayWolfLive® cloud platform for remote real-time access, data-logging, and alerts. Connect straight from WiFi enabled DirectSense II probes. View data as text, tables, gauges, and graphs from any web browser.

Choose your Options

DSII on Tripod
Particulate Meter

Add optional accessories like Particle Counters, Formaldehyde Meters, Gas Calibration Kits, a GrayWolfLive subscription or a Security Case for long term logging.

Choose your IAQ Applications

Monitor Indoor Environments with DSII IAQ
Rugged Tablet

Choose the solution to all your Spot Checking, Walkthrough Surveying, Trend Logging or Continuous Monitoring applications with GrayWolf’s highly versatile Smart Probe.

The Choice is Yours!

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