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World Cup Qatar

The FIFA World Cup is about to open and fans, players and staff will have had many venues tested and/or have on-going monitoring with GrayWolf’s top-end IAQ instruments. GrayWolf instrument kits on tripods for short or long-term trend monitoring at stadiums are pictured below. These have been used for both indoor and outdoor air measurements. Buildings of all types, including athlete housing facilities, and even land border screening areas, are also tested with these set-ups, as well as via hand-held walk-through testing and continuous monitoring connected to GrayWolfLiveTM cloud software. Parameters measured, as per FIFA, include CO2, VOCs, CO, O3, NO2, HCHO, Particulate, %RH, and Temperature. Check out this brief FIFA article on air pollution control for the tournament: https://publications.fifa.com/en/sustainability-report/environmental-pillar/air-quality/air-pollution-control-during-tournament-time/

NEW: Smart IAQ Range Formaldehyde Sensor for DirectSense® II Probes

10ppb – 1.0 ppm range


Real-time, fast response Formaldehyde readings with this smart, plug & play sensor. Inserts into DirectSense II probes* along with temperature and %RH, plus up to 5 additional smart sensors in one DSII probe. (Note: a CO sensor is recommended so that CO levels exceeding 10ppm will trigger a warning of potential influence on HCHO readings).

*Requires probes manufactured June 2021 or later

Contact [email protected] for details or call 1-203-402-0477.

FP-31G Compact Formaldehyde Meter

GrayWolf brands this portable HCHO meter, also with exceptional low limits of detection (LODs).
Toxic Gas Brochure

The FP-31G meter may be used from 10ppb to 1.0ppm and is ideal for IAQ applications (30-minute test) or low toxic exposures (15-minute test).

While this low-range formaldehyde detection meter does not continuously monitor or directly output to GrayWolf platforms, readings can be manually entered into WolfSense® log files, at the time that they are taken, supplemental to a host of other GrayWolf continuous IAQ or toxic exposure parameters. GrayWolf has years of experience offering this meter, with proven performance, allowing us to now add our name (and the extra support that goes with that) to the product.

GrayWolfLive Cloud Software

Toxic Gas Brochure
There have been many updates to GrayWolfLive over the course of the year, some of the most recent:
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Expanded ability to create custom backgrounds for
    displayed readings
  • Faster updates on Live Readings screen to quickly
    display reading changes
  • Live Readings View now shows a quick health report of probes: e.g., probes that have gone offline or may require recalibration.
  • Probes/Meters can be assigned to “Groups” to
    simplify the organization of large numbers of probes/meters and quickly access Live Readings for specific areas of the facility being monitored.

WolfRadio™ XM Wireless Modules for Particle Meters

Connect GrayWolf’s PC-3016, PC-3500, PC-4000, and PC-5000 particle meters to all of GrayWolf’s platforms. The new WolfRadio XM module adds Wi-Fi to the particle meter, as well as Bluetooth wireless connection direct to Android and iOS devices. If GrayWolf DirectSense II probes are also connected, readings from particle meter and DSII probe(s) display simultaneously and log into the same data file. This synchronization applies to GrayWolfLive (via WiFi) and Android/iOS devices (via BLE). Include WolfRadio XM with your new purchase or supplement your existing GrayWolf particle meter.

WolfRadio-XM-3016 for PC-3016

WolfRadio-XM-3500 for PC-3500

Year-end promotion: Purchase any GrayWolf 6-channel particle meter and optionally add a WolfRadio XM module at 1/2 price! *

*Offer good for orders received now to Dec 31, 2022

Contact [email protected] for details and a quotation or call 1-203-402-0477

WolfSense® Mobile Apps interface DirectSense II probes to Android and iOS Devices

Imminent updates to the apps (which auto-update when released in December):
  • Much faster updates of displayed readings.
  • Languages are currently English and Spanish.
    New languages will be included in the next release including Simplified Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and more.
The apps are free from the Google Play and Apple stores. Download the app to your device and give it a try in demo mode, showing simulated readings. Open the Menu, then “Readings” and select the demo to view:
Use your own, purchase an economical dedicated device and/or purchase ruggedized Android units from GrayWolf.

Android device with FLIR® built-in infra-red camera available from GrayWolf

FLIR is a registered trademark of Teledyne FLIR, LLC

Attach thermal images, in addition to photo/video/text/audio notes to data files, in-situ, for efficient, reliable survey documentation.

AP-UA9 Rugged Android Device

GrayWolf offers complete application-specific kits for these Android devices, including DirectSense II probes, sensors, hard-shell cases and related accessories.

Contact [email protected] for details and pricing or call 1-203-402-0477

For Detailed Information: