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Offering the leading Indoor Air Quality multi-sensor devices in the industry, GrayWolf’s DirectSense® II probes have new firmware available that significantly speeds up response time when connected via wireless to GrayWolf’s range of available platforms. While cabled DirectSense IIs with multiple sensors typically update less than once per second, wireless connections have been several times slower.

The new firmware now achieves Bluetooth wireless update times of approximately once every 2 seconds for AdvancedSense® XM meters, and once every 3 seconds for Android and iOS devices running the WolfSense® Mobile App.

What are some examples of where you’ll want the fastest update speeds?

  • “Bloodhounding” TVOCs and other parameters to track down potential pollutant sources
  • Utilizing GrayWolf’s exceptionally accurate Carbon Dioxide sensors during walk-thru checks of CO2 levels room-to-room and vs. outdoors
  • Measuring the variation of pollutant levels when changes are made to a space (e.g., adjusting the air handling system, opening a door or fume hood sash, changing occupancy, adding an air cleaner, etc.)
  • Research applications
  • And many others…
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AdvancedSenseXM Environmental test Meter

WolfOS™ 2.1

The AdvancedSense XM’s dedicated WolfOS operating system has a new release available with some great features added, including:

Audio Notes
Record audio notes which associate to the data/location file currently open. Great for documenting walk-thru surveys and other applications. Play the unlimited audio notes back on the AdvancedSense XM, or from the device that the data files are sent to or downloaded to. Highly efficient for reviewing and sharing data. Save even more time by translating the audio to text, once downloaded, for inclusion in detailed reports.

User Cal
Adjust sensor calibration right from the AdvancedSense XM with your approved calibration references.

Bluetooth Update Times
Speeds up the screen update times when connected via Bluetooth and improves connection reliability to AdvancedSense XMs, even without the firmware update for existing DirectSense II probes (although optimum wireless update times will be achieved by also having the new probe firmware installed).

Download the WolfOS 2.1 (super quick and easy) via GrayWolf’s Customer Portal. Are you a customer that’s not yet set up on the portal (https://graywolfsensing.com/portal)?
If you need any assistance, contact your territory representative or local distributor. Or e-mail [email protected].


We have an aggressive trade-in program for your existing GrayWolf AdvancedSense PROs, AdvancedSense BEs and standard AdvancedSense meters towards the new AdvancedSense XM. Even alternative brand meters quality for a significant trade-in value! Contact [email protected] or call +1-203-402-0477 for details.

Updated PC-3016 six-channel Particle Meter Brochure

Simultaneously connect the PC-3016 and DirectSense II multi-sensor probes to AdvancedSense XMs or Windows devices via cable. Or, utilizing the optional WolfRadio-XM-3016 module, simultaneously connect to AdvancedSense XMs , iOS, or Android devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Contact us for a printed copy or more info at +1-203-402-0477 or [email protected]

Particle Meter

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