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Versatile DirectSense® II IAQ and Toxic Gas Measurement Systems

Use GrayWolf’s highly accurate DSII probes for handheld spot checks, for days/weeks/months data-logging, for continuous monitoring or a combination of these modes. This versatility means consistent, reliable readings between different applications.

Connect directly from continuously monitoring, wall-mounted DSII Probes (up to 8 plug & play sensors each) via the cloud for remote access utilizing any smart device.

Tripod, desktop or security case mounted units can be left for hours, days, weeks or months collecting data at specific locations of concern.  Retrieve data from the on-board log files, or optionally access remotely via WiFi.

Respond quickly to complaints, spot-check outdoor air, conduct detailed walk-thru surveys (snap-logging data and attaching photos, text, audio notes to the data files), validate sensor calibration for wall-mount units, and much more. For a custom quote on the system that best suits your needs, Call 1-203-402-0477 or e-mail [email protected].

New Zephyr™ LDP/LDPB High Accuracy Differential Pressure Module

With the DP auto-ranging and auto-zeroing features, as well as the exceptionally low limits-of-detection, this differential pressure sensing module connects to your laptop. Display and log DP, and optionally pitot airspeed, BP, %RH, and °C/°F on your Windows computer with the extensive range of GrayWolf features at your fingertips. Add other GrayWolf probes for a host of simultaneous measurement parameters (when applicable, pressure compensated if you include the barometric pressure option). Use the Zephyr-LDP as a stand-alone high accuracy DP sensor for varied HVAC applications, or use it for IAQ pollutant pathway test and monitoring applications. Click on the brochure link below, or click here to check out the new Zephyr III DP meter, as well as the Zephyr-LDP module.

Updated ARC and WELL Application Notes

Updates to our Application Notes for LEED, ARC and WELL air quality measurement for ongoing maintenance are imminent. Contact [email protected] to have the new editions e-mailed as soon as they are available.

Refurbished DirectSense I Classical Probes


A large number of customers have added the new DirectSense II probes to existing GrayWolf systems, while many have taken advantage of GrayWolf’s trade-up program and traded in DSI probes for DSIIs. In addition, many DSIs are being retired from our demo/rental pool which is now primarily populated with DSII units. There are some really large discounts available for demo/rental pool units, dependent on age. Refurbished meters and probes are always available with updated factory calibration and with a full one-year warranty. Contact [email protected] for a quote to supplement your existing fleet, or to get started with GrayWolf quality equipment on a smaller budget.


Service Contract Savings

Save 10-15% off service contracts purchased with new equipment from now until the end of 2020. Save 5-10% off service contracts for your existing GrayWolf equipment.  Assure regular calibration is paid for ahead of time, to guarantee that your investment in this high-end instrumentation is optimized. This is a limited-time discount*. Send your Request for Quote (RFQ). For more information, please contact: [email protected]

*This discount cannot be combined with repairs or Service Contracts already implemented. This offer is valid only in the Americas and Europe for calibration and maintenance services conducted at GrayWolf’s US and Ireland facilities.

Free VentCal™ app with DSI and the exceptional +/- 35ppm CO2 accuracy DSII probes (when outfitted with CO2 sensors)


In response to COVID-19, Air Changes per Hour (ACH) is proving to be a key parameter to test and adjust ventilation systems, as needed, to assure dilution air recommendations in school rooms, offices, retail spaces, residences, airports, bathrooms; just about any indoor space where occupants are subject to Coronavirus exposure. A free copy of our VentCal software, which helps calculate and report on ACH, is available with any GrayWolf kit purchased by December 31st, 2020 that includes a CO2 sensor. 


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