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Choose Your Platform

GrayWolf’s versatile, powerful, rugged AdvancedSense® Pro is cutting-edge, yet easy-to-use. Up to 32 parameters with extensive features including WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, on-board video help and much more
GrayWolf’s rugged AdvancedSense BE (basic edition) has reduced parameters and features vs. the AdvancedSense Pro, but still supports multiple sensors, data-logging, text & audio notes and many more advanced, efficient features.
GrayWolf’s modular WolfPack® Area Monitor interfaces with multiple DirectSense probes/sensors. Interchange the same probes with alternative, handheld GrayWolf platforms.
GrayWolf supplied 7″/8″/10″ tablets are economical, yet feature-rich and are supplied with application specific accessories. Or use WolfSense® software operating with your own Laptop (or any Windows 7/8/10) computer.


GrayWolf supplies Windows tablet PCs as low-cost, yet feature-rich, alternative platforms. Click here for specifications on the current model(s) that may be purchased from GrayWolf.

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