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September 14, 2004

Zellweger Analytics of Lincolnshire, IL and GrayWolf Sensing Solutions of Trumbull, CT USA announce the agreement for GrayWolf to take on calibration and service work for the Solomat and Air Neotronics product lines.

GrayWolf, with service facilities in Ireland, as well as the USA, has calibration equipment and trained personnel in place to calibrate the full range of Solomat and Air Neotronics products. Certificates of NIST traceability are available for most parameters. While replacement parts will not be manufactured any longer for most Solomat and Air Neotronics products (with a few important exceptions), Zellweger has transferred its entire inventory of spares to GrayWolf, who will
offer service and repair capability for the full range of products as long as spares are available.

In addition, GrayWolf will handle technical support for these products and, subject to availability; GrayWolf will sell replacement Solomat and Air Neotronics instruments and probes. GrayWolf is planning to continue manufacturing the following instruments: Solomat Zephyr IIs, Surveyor IIs, Surveyor Pros and Air Neotronics PDMs.

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