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WolfRadio-XM-3016 for PC-3016

WolfRadio-XM-3500 for PC-3500

Connect GrayWolf’s PC-3016, PC-3500, PC-4000, and PC-5000 particle meters to all of GrayWolf’s platforms. Display and log 6 size channels from each of these meters as mass concentration (PM 1.0. PM 2.5, PM-10, TSP. etc.) or as particle counts. The new WolfRadio XM module adds Wi-Fi to the particle meter, as well as Bluetooth wireless connection direct Android, iOS devices and to the new AdvancedSense XM purpose-built GrayWolf meters. When GrayWolf DirectSense II probes are also connected, readings from particle meter and DSII probe(s) display simultaneously and log into the same data file. This synchronization applies to GrayWolfLive® (via Wi-Fi) and Android/iOS devices (via BLE). Include WolfRadio XM with your new purchase or supplement your existing GrayWolf particle meter.

GrayWolf Particle instruments can be used as stand-alone meters, with local display and as particle monitors data-logging to on-board memory. But the GrayWolf manufactured WolfRadio XM module expands access to local devices within 10m, 33 ft) via Bluetooth, or from virtually anywhere via the robust Wi-Fi card and GrayWolf’s versatile, secure Azure hosted GrayWolfLive Cloud platform.

More information is available on our particles page https://graywolfsensing.com/particle-meter/ and/or download the specification sheet:

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