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Indoor Air Quality Meters

AdvancedSense PRO Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Indoor Air Quality Meters

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, for over 20 years, has been a leading provider of indoor air quality meter solutions for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications, as well as for use by professional residential IAQ and HVAC contractors.

Our indoor air quality (IAQ) meters and monitors offer cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking highly reliable and efficient tools to manage their indoor IAQ surveys and monitoring.

Suitable for handheld, short-term, semi-permanent, and continuous indoor air quality measurement, logging, and monitoring, our IAQ products are easily tailored to the specific needs of each business.

The Benefits of GrayWolf’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensors, Probes, and Monitors

Measure Key IAQ Pollutants and other IAQ Parameters

The DirectSense™ II multi-sensor probes reliably measure a varied range of specific pollutants and additional key IAQ parameters with exceptional accuracy.

These IAQ tools boast high level performance and response, quickly and accurately measuring a range of pollutants, toxins, and more to determine the indoor air quality of a property.


Measure up to eight key IAQ indicators on a single probe, along with a range of toxic gases with additional probes outfitted with toxic gas sensors.

The GrayWolf indoor air quality meter can measure the following parameters:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • TVOCs
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Formaldehyde (HCHO)
  • Particulates (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, TSP)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Over 25 Toxic Gas Options
  • Ventilation Rates (via CO2 and Airflow)
  • Differential Pressure
DirectSense II Indoor Air Quality Probe

The DirectSense II smart probes accommodate true plug & play sensors (up to 8 in a single probe), including the best on the market for IAQ applications.

Monitor Indoor Air Quality with DSII IAQ


Monitor via the cloud with wall-mounted, desktop placed, even handheld WiFi enabled probes. Versatile design for consistency over varied applications.

Maintain Occupant Wellness

As a commercial/institutional/industrial property owner, occupant wellness is not just good for employee and tenant retention and productivity, but may also be a legal requirement in some areas. You must ensure that your property’s air quality meets appropriate standards to ensure the health and well-being of any occupant. By utilizing the GrayWolf indoor air quality meters, you can effectively measure and track IAQ of your property to confirm conditions necessary for  occupant wellness.

All types of indoor facilities have been experiencing an increased demand for IAQ monitoring due to COVID-19, including hospitals, schools, offices, airports, metro stations, public and residential buildings.

DirectSense II Probe in use during Indoor Air Quality Survey

For portable applications, connect 1 or even 2 DirectSense II multi-sensor probes; via cable and/or via Bluetooth wireless.

Catch Indoor Air Quality Issues Early

Catching an indoor air quality issue early allows for fast action, preventing minor issues from developing into much more significant problems.

For example, with the GrayWolf IAQ probe, you can quickly respond to occupant complaints regarding potential issues. The probe’s high performance and accuracy assists in ensuring any IAQ issues are caught quickly, allowing for an appropriate response.

Catching IAQ issues early can make a huge difference – our sensor probes could save you a lot of time, hassle, and money.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

GrayWolf’s indoor air quality meter and monitoring tools offer comprehensive IAQ solutions for businesses small and large. Whether you require an IAQ monitor for a walkthrough survey, short/long-term data logging, or continuous monitoring, our products have you covered.

Our devices provide a full range of IAQ solutions, from measuring to reporting, catering to most testing and measuring requirements.

Because our probes use the highest quality IAQ sensors on the markets, they’re a leading choice for all kinds of testing, including IAQ research projects, government-led indoor air quality testing, and much more.

 Choose Your Air Quality Monitoring Platform

Our DirectSense II multi-sensor probes are compatible with a range of platforms, from purpose-built monitors and tablets to smartphones and computers, even direct to the cloud. These versatile IAQ probes and monitors are easily adjustable to your specific requirements, ensuring efficient and cost-effective IAQ solutions.

AdvancedSense Pro/BE

AdvancedSense PRO/BE and DSII

AdvancedSense® Pro/BE

The AdvancedSense Pro is a GrayWolf manufactured, purpose-built meter packed with features. Connecting to the DirectSense probe via Bluetooth wireless or cable, the meter offers up to 32 simultaneous IAQ parameters.

Both the meter and sensor are compact, lightweight, and robust, allowing for easy portable IAQ monitoring and logging.

The AdvancedSense BE is a lite version of the AdvancedSense Pro, with scaled back features and probe connection only via cable.

Tablet PCs

DirectSense II with Ruggedized Cradle

Tablet, Laptop, and PC Devices

We offer rugged MS Windows tablets, for sale, that come with bespoke WolfSense™ LAP software pre-installed.

Looking to use your own tablet, laptop, or desktop computer? Then download the optional WolfSense LAP software onto your device – it’s compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11.

Simply connect the tablet, laptop, or PC to the DirectSense probe via cable or Bluetooth to make your Windows device a feature-rich indoor air quality meter.


DSII and Smartphone

iOS and Android Devices

Use the multi-sensor DirectSense II probes’ integral Bluetooth to connect iOS and/or Android devices and access a wide range of IAQ meter features. The WolfSense Mobile Apps are free on the Apple and Google Play stores. Use your own smartphone/tablet, or utilize a GrayWolf supplied, rugged Android device (option for a FLIR infra-red camera built-in). Take audio, photo, video, and text notes (all notes auto-attach to data files), log advanced data metrics, view on-screen graphs, and much more!


GrayWolfLive Cloud

GrayWolfLive Cloud

GrayWolf Live™

GrayWolfLive is an innovative cloud-based platform for comprehensive indoor quality monitoring.

Available from any device with an internet connection, our cloud software offers a full range of IAQ monitoring solutions, including real-time access, data-logging, and live alerts.

To access GrayWolfLive, simply connect to the software via a compatible device such as the AdvancedSense Pro meter, DirectSense II probe, or a tablet or smartphone.

Once connected, view a wide range of IAQ data in various formats including realtime readings, graphs, tables, gauges, and logged info. 

Particle Counters and Differential Pressure for Indoor Air Quality Surveys

Expand your smart device parameters by adding a GrayWolf particle meter or differential pressure module, with optional WolfRadio™ XM wireless (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) module.

(PC-3500 particulate and Zephyr -LDP differential pressure meters shown at left)


Example Screens

Indoor Air Quality Meter Example Screens
AP-UA9 Indoor Air Quality Meter


DirectSense II Probe
DirectSense II IAQ Brochure
Toxic Gas Brochure
Zephyr-III Micromanometer

Application Notes

Download “Validating Low Cost IAQ Sensors with High Quality Instrumentation”

Download “USGBC LEED®
v4 EQc4 – Air Quality Assessment”

WELL Building V2

Download “Utilizing GrayWolf for The WELL Building Standard v2”

Download “Utilizing PIDs (for
VOCs) during IAQ Investigations”

Download “IAQ Testing for Formaldehyde”

Download “Asthma Trigger Application Note”

Download “Monitoring Indoor Air Quality in Car Cabins“

Download “Air Monitoring in IVF Labs“

Download “Arc™ Testing: Instrumentation for the ”Human Experience“

Check out this brief overview of GrayWolf’s advanced Air Quality meters/instruments & how to organize a demonstration specific to your Indoor Air Quality measurement needs.

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