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DirectSense®II WiFi & Enhanced GrayWolfLive Cloud App

WiFi is now available on-board the DirectSense II probes. True plug-and-play sensors in these Wi-Fi enabled smart probes for CO2, TVOCs, CO, O3, NO2, Cl2, NH3, H2S, SO2, H2, O2, NO, HCN, HCl and many others. Use as a high accuracy continuous monitor (wall or desk mounted), which can also be detached for walk-through surveys, to very quickly check outdoor conditions and/or to enable quick validation or calibration checks of lower cost monitors.  In addition, use for LEED-ARC SKORU, WELL ongoing maintenance, toxic gas exposures, or many other applications requiring easy portability. Simultaneous PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, TSP can be added via one of our WiFi enabled Particle meters.

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Example GrayWolfLive Screens from WiFi enabled DSII probes
Easily create your own dashboard from large real-time displays of parameters, charts, gauges and tables with just a few clicks. Email live graphs and reading displays to staff or clients right from your smart device via the GrayWolfLive app. 
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Enhanced, Market Leading CO2 Sensor Specifications

GrayWolf’s custom manufactured Carbon Dioxide sensor, together with our new smart sensor electronics, improved software linearization/compensation and upgraded factory calibration methods have enabled GrayWolf to further improve our excellent CO2 accuracy specification. +/- 35ppm (with no additional %rdg offset) over the IAQ range (350ppm-2000ppm). This is particularly important for IAQ and ventilation (ACH calculation via CO2 tracer gas) applications. Yet, the same sensor also has the versatility to be utilized reliably for 8-hour TWA toxic CO2 exposures, with excellent specs to 10,000ppm and a usable range to 20,000ppm. Contact us for details.   

Free VentCalExtended until Year-End

In response to COVID-19, Air Changes per Hour (ACH) is proving to be a key parameter to test and adjust ventilation systems, as needed, to assure dilution air recommendations in school rooms, offices, retail spaces, residences, airports, bathrooms; just about any indoor space where occupants are subject to Coronavirus exposure. A free copy of our VentCal software, which helps calculate and report on ACH, is available with any GrayWolf kit purchased by December 31st, 2020 that includes a CO2 sensor.

GrayWolf Mask

A high quality GrayWolf mask will be mailed to you at no charge, if you fill out an on-line product request this month (September, 2020) and include “GrayWolf Mask” in the comments section. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.


On-Line Demos

Often available in person, always on-line, where the personalized demo is focused on the GrayWolf product(s) and features that you are interested in. To have something scheduled, call us at 1-203-402-0477, fill in this form https://graywolfsensing.com/contact-us/ with “Demo Request” mentioned or e-mail [email protected] and add “Demo Request” in the subject line. 

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