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GrayWolf Sensing Solutions introduces an exceptionally accurate new differential air pressure (∆P) module for connection to Windows tablets/laptops/PCs. By combining auto-ranging and auto-zeroing technology, this module offers superb low-end sensitivity, yet an outstandingly broad measurement range. Building on the decades of experience with earlier Zephyr instruments, the Zephyr LDP achieves the same improved accuracy and wider range as the new Zephyr III digital micrometer released by GrayWolf late last year. Many new features, compared to previous models, are enabled by the WolfSense® LAP app that is included to load on your Windows computer.

GrayWolf incorporates a 250.0 Pa (1.000“H2O) range sensor and a 10KPa (40.0“H2O) sensor on the same board and then smoothly auto-ranges from one sensor to the other based on the detected pressures. A further issue for low-end measurements is that sensor drift at these tiny pressures may be significant over a matter of only minutes. The Zephyr LDP addresses this by auto zeroing both sensors every 2 minutes.

This combination of unequaled low-end sensitivity, and wide-range measurement capability, makes the economical Zephyr LDP ideal for a wide range of IAQ, HVAC, Facility Management, Industrial Hygiene, and other applications.

  • Measure temperature and %RH with an optional plug-in probe (directly connected to the Zephyr LDP or connected with handle and 1m cable)
  • Simultaneously connect GrayWolf multi-sensor DirectSense® probes to the Windows device for a broad range of over 25 air quality parameters
  • An optional Barometric Pressure sensor displays and logs, while also providing µg/m3 pressure compensation for gas sensors that are concurrently connected to the Windows computer.
  • A Windows device connected to the Zephyr LDP displays and data-logs readings, but also provides powerful annotation capabilities. Notes are easily attached to data files on-site for efficient, reliable documentation. Add text notes, audio notes, photos, and videos to data files. Reports are efficiently generated from information in the field. WolfSense PC software (supplied as standard) enables simple download, analysis, graphing and simple reporting. Optional “Advanced Report Generator” software automates the entire reporting process.

    An industry leading manufacturer of air monitoring instrumentation, established in 1998, GrayWolf has manufactured high quality differential pressure meters since 2005, after acquiring the Solomat Zephyr DP instrument range. GrayWolf’s environmental instrumentation is employed by industry professionals in a broad range of commercial/industrial/institutional buildings, hospitals, airports, schools, universities, refineries, manufacturing plants and many other types of facilities. Worldwide management, sales and customer support is headquartered in Shelton, CT (USA). The primary manufacturing facility is in Ireland, with support available through a global network of distributors.

    Zephyr™ LDP Differential Air Pressure Module

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